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Information for patients and families wishing to transfer their care from Allergy Medical Group (AMG

We are aware that Allergy Medical Group is discontinuing clinical services from Friday 29th of September.

If you are a patient or caregiver wishing to transfer care to an Allergist at Compass Immunology Clinics, could you please consider the following:

  • Please follow any information you have been provided by AMG to obtain a copy of your clinical record, and to obtain your allergen immunotherapy kit if relevant. Please see the AMG website: Important Notice: Closure of Allergy Medical Group

  • Please see your GP to discuss your health care situation, and and if recommended, obtain a referral to one of Compass Immunology Clinic’s Allergists.

  • Please contact us to arrange an appointment. We anticipate that our telephone lines may be very busy over this period, so we recommend you initially submit your request and information via our online form at: Please mention in your submission that you have been a patient of AMG. We will then be able to get in contact with you to arrange a suitable appointment.

Thank you for your consideration.

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